Football is our passion


Ruiz Football Academy (RFA) is a rapidly expanding company that employs and trains coaches who visit child cares, schools and local clubs to facilitate fun and energetic football development sessions for children from pre-prep and kindergarten all the way through to primary and secondary school. During academy sessions, the coaches focus on developing young football players who are technical, smart and skilful with the ball. In addition, they are encouraged to engage with the most positive aspects of the game; teamwork, sporting behaviour, and even Latin dance celebrations!

Luis Ruiz, a former professional player from Costa Rica, founded RFA to represent his passion for the game and to share it with his new home in Australia. The mission of RFA is to nurture ‘the world game’ in Australia and help develop the next generation to play the game ‘beautifully’.

Outside of the development clinics Ruiz Football Academy offers Soccer-themed birthday parties at customers’ homes, local parks, sporting fields or at an indoor sports facility.

When we visit children at child care facilities, the focus is on actively fun classes that teach basic balance, coordination and ball skills. The children are also taught to count to 10 in Spanish and sometimes learn some dance skills! 

Jugar con alegría!


Our Services


The service of Ruiz Football Academy is to help football clubs, Futsal clubs and football federations in Australia deliver quality football clinics and programs. We are not affiliated with any football club or federation.  

Ruiz Football Academy provides quality high level of coaching to all football classes and clinics. Each coach has a high level of playing experience that allows them to help each child develop their skills, no matter of age or ability.

As an independent coaching academy, we are always open to working with any football club, Futsal club or football federation.